How we increased Amazon revenue from €0 to €335,094 in 6 months.
Case Study

How we increased Amazon revenue from €0 to €335,094 in 6 months.

We took this brand in the kids education industry from scratch to €335k in their first 6 months on Amazon. PS: that's just 1 country in Europe and we sell in 5.  Imagine.

🤔 The Challenge

The client works in the Kids Education industry - interactive books & learning activities for kids.

The plan was to kickstart their sales on Amazon, since the client was already selling around €60k a month on their Shopify store.

Their customers were asking: 'Why are you not on Amazon?', 'Can I find you on Amazon?'. They also saw a spike in google searches for 'brand name' + Amazon, using Google Analytics.

The critical factor was their 0 experience with Amazon, but also they did not have more time bandwidth for another sales channel, as the brand was scaling rapidly.

💡 The Solution

1. Created an Amazon account + Brand Registry + Brand Transparency (so no one could sell their product).

2. Developed a fresh and CRO optimized A+ content listing (the 'LP' - some would call it), with strong SEO principles in mind - the goal was organic keyword ranking.

3. We started to implement all tools available to establish their brand on Amazon. We also created a strategic advertising plan to optimize client’s Amazon growth. (while waiting for inventory to reach Amazon's warehouse)

4. We focused on organic keyword ranking. This would bring in organic sales, taking the profit margins up to 50% from 20% (month 1 to month 4).

5. By month 6 we were not only #1 ranked option for tens on keywords , but were pushing the ranking even more through paid PPC ads on Amazon. Revenue skyrocketed to €335K in the first 6 months alone.

The brand was selling internationally. The above are results on Amazon France only!

📙 Key learnings

1. Capitalize on the sales when the brand is growing, not when 'you have time'.

A lot of brand owners we talk to, come to us because they do not have time to focus on Amazon as well as their website. Make sure you start selling on Amazon when the brand first starts getting traction, not when it's dying down. You can not save it with Amazon, you can expand it with Amazon.

2. Shortcut the growth by starting before the peak

It can take time to scale your brand on Amazon. However, you can shortcut that time, by starting at the right time, when users search up your brand organically.

3. Make sure your customers are happy before starting on Amazon

85% of Amazon buyers check reviews before purchasing. On Amazon, reviews are honest and there to stay. Make sure the product your customers are having a great experience, before you send the products to Amazon. Great reviews lead to Amazon promoting your listing organically.

“As a fast-growing company, we knew it was essential to have a presence on Amazon, but we found it difficult to navigate the process with our small team. Working with PrimeWave has made being on Amazon so much easier and given us results beyond our expectations.”
- Client's CEO