We’ll make you 20-40% extra revenue by scaling your Ecom brand on Amazon

Unless you are profitable, we don’t charge you a single cent. We are a 100% performance based agency.

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We have helped 7 and 8 figure businesses launch and scale from 0 to 6 figures in 60 days.

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Your profits always come first

How is that even possible? At Prime Wave we only work with businesses when we have extreme confidence in the improvement of their Amazon account. If we do not generate profits or improve your listings, we will not charge you.

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1. Application

You schedule a call with us and we will try to understand your business needs and goals.

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2. Feasibility Analysis

Our team of wizards will analyse if this is a good match for both parties, and we’ll let you know if we can help your business grow on Amazon.

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3. Account Preparation

If you got to this step, you’re in good hands 😊 We’ll be gathering copy, brand assets and creatives, so we can start building or change your Amazon’s account face.

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4. Building

We will build or improve your entire Amazon brand, and create the listings based and make sure you agree with everything that is displayed before the launch.

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5. Logistics

Once everything is ready to go, we will have to send inventory to Amazon, where they will take care of the logistics. We’ll give you all the details and how to prepare your stock for Amazon at the right time.

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6. Launch

Your brand is live and receiving orders. We will continue to manage your brand daily and make changes based on customer behaviour to scale your brand to the moon.

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Modern Day Alchemy - Real Results

729,488 a month from Amazon alone (1 customer - 0 advertising costs )

Guaranteed Results

We eliminate the risky side of “agencies” for our clients by guaranteeing results, meaning that we don’t charge a single cent if you are not profitable.

Our team of wizards religiously focuses on our blueprint to make you more profit, not revenue. In a nutshell, there’s little to no downside when working with us.

DISCLAIMER: We specifically choose all of our partners and will openly say that we can not help you if thats what we believe. Most Agencies do NOT do this because they'll take any money they can get.

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  • Businesses looking for a reliable agency that can make their company a priority.