August 2022

Scaling to $729,488 in 30 Days for health and wellness brand.

This brand came to us at the beginning of the year. 7 months later, we helped make $24,316/Day for 30 straight days - and beyond.


Keyword Ranking, PPC Ads


Amazon USA & Canada

Scaling Result
Increase month by month
Scaling to $729,488 in 30 Days for health and wellness brand.

Project Overview

This brand came to us at the beginning of 2022 with one mission in mind. Creating an omni channel selling b rand that focuses on consumers with chronic pain. The offer a whole heap of solutions to treat these aches and pains at HOME.

In a world dominated by confirm, we knew we had a gold mine underneath ourselves so our strategy was simple.

  • Use PPC ads to target keywords, for which you'll start ranking organically  month by month.
  • Use non-Amazon selling competitor's names to rank for specific pain keywords
  • Leverage the newly acquired ranking & stay on top of inventory management to stay top 5  rankings for ~400 specific keywords.


In the first month, we started using branded campaigns, since the brand was already in demand.

Along side branded campaigns, we started PPC ads to start bringing traffic for different specific keywords in the health & wellness niche.

Slowly we started ranking higher organically for these keywords that we were targeting. And you know what they say, 'when it rains it pours'.

Once we got to rank as #1 for some of these keywords, as long as we keep having available inventory, the success was gonna come nevertheless.

Our #1 strategy  here?

Ranking for 'long keywords'.. we can talk about this more in our follow up call.


At some point, we got to point where we were managing over 600 listings. Yes, the inventory management was a big pain, but one that we took from their shoulders. That's how we managed to keep the results consistent over 1.5 years.

Amazon really is a grind and someone needs to show up daily for tasks like:
· Inventory Management
· Blocked Listings
· Keyword Managemen
· Listing CRO optimization, etc.

We love 100% transparency. So, here's a gif of the results, just in case there were any doubts.

Scaling to $729,488 in 30 Days for health and wellness brand.
Scaling to $729,488 in 30 Days for health and wellness brand.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

"Ellis and the team at PrimeWave were managing over 600 listings. They created, managed and scaled them in just 7 months, which is an insane amount of work. Then again, the results are something I just could not comprehend. Highly recommend letting them take over your Amazon growth."

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